OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOnce again Art Basel’s satellite fairs are invading Midtown, Miami (where I live).

Last year there were three main fairs with tents covering about four city blocks.

This year there are at least six.  Every open area (with one exception where I suspect exhibitors will be parked) is covered by a tent.Scope Exhibit Tent

Even the large city block park that lies between the condos of Midtown and the Midtown shopping area has gone under.

Dog park exhibit



Yesterday they invaded the little bit of grass where my dogs could play.

Today they blocked off one road to create a tented walkthrough from one exhibit hall to another.

By Wednesday trucks and workers will be replaced by people and traffic.

I anticipate not being able to leave Midtown for five days, but what a glorious glut of art I’ll have on my doorstep.

And to rest my eyes I’ll sit on my balcony, drink my wine and just enjoy the Christmas-Salsa-Jazz-Rap that wafts up from the tent city below.